It all started in 2002 when our daughter Madyson lost all speech and regressed in so many ways, we were not able to hug or kiss our child and at times it seemed like we were complete strangers, speaking a foreign language to her.  We had lost our child to the dark confusing world of autism. We took her to every doctor in Memphis searching for answers. I grew up trusting and respecting doctors, so immediately started following their advice and began medicating her with pharmaceutical drugs. I was not knowledgeable of alternative ways then but that has changed. At times it seemed like she was a walking zombie, no emotion, no energy and still no verbal communication. Eight years later, she starting having seizures. As parents we threw up our hands and did what we thought was best for our child, so again we started new pharmaceutical medications.

Fast forward to 2018, a friend called to catch up and told me about how he started taking CBD and how it has helped with some of his health issues and he wanted us to try Ultra Cell on Madyson.  I kindly declined and said thanks for the offer.  Since we lived in Washington, a state where cannabis is legal, I was starting to research cannabis but I knew in my heart that really I did not want to give my non verbal child a product with THC. My concerns were how could she descibe her feelings if she was "tripping" or "high".  My friend called a couple months later with more updates on his health, again I brushed him off. A couple days later I recieved a package in the mail, he knew in his heart that my child needed this product. About six weeks after starting Ultra Cell, Madyson was reading to me for 20 minutes and was answering more questions.  She finally had a voice, the most sweetest voice ever! Her teachers unaware that she was taking anything, remarked how they noticed Madyson was much social and interacting with her peers more at school.  This was huge step for our family! She currently loves to watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy every dayand attends a program that allows her to work at such places like the YMCA and the library. She helps with house chores and can carry on simple conversations with her grandfather and a small circle of friends.